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Drainage is a critical part of every construction project, both large and small, with this infrastructure providing the vital arteries through which waste water can drain away from a building quickly and safely. An effective system is crucial to eliminate the risk of flooding and health issues that can present significant risk to people and property.

However, all too often the specification of drainage systems, especially at the design stage, is either overlooked altogether or carried out as an afterthought. For example, flow rate calculations are frequently incorrect, leading to over or under specification of drainage; similarly, poor planning results in compromises during the construction phase, with projects that could easily have been completed using standard drainage units requiring custom engineered solutions.

Each building has its own unique set of drainage needs and it is these critical factors that must be considered when planning drainage systems, to minimise construction costs, while simultaneously optimising the aesthetics, functionality and long term reliability of drainage units.

Indeed, whether you're involved in designing or building a new project or upgrading an existing building, every aspect of the system must be carefully planned to meet the correct drainage requirements simply, quickly and within budget.

The ACO Building Drainage Design Services Team is staffed by engineers who live and breathe bespoke drainage systems. They can carry out design work on your behalf, work ranging from channel layouts through hydraulic calculations and part scheduling. Services are free of charge and without obligation.

Simply call, fax or email our technical team and we will help you with your project.

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