Hygiene First

As one of the world's leading commercial drainage specialists, ACO understands the critical role that drainage plays in a successful commercial food preparation business. We appreciate that food safety, hygiene and cost control are all vital factors yet we also understand that for many, drainage is out of sight and therefore out of mind.



Commercial Kitchens

All commercial kitchens can be characterised as a hazardous working environment - they are extremely busy with the potential for wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of fluids in both cooking and cleaning - and they are hot!

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Food Processing

Food touches every single individual on the planet in various aspects: health, pleasure, socialization, etc. More broadly food safety and access to food are fundamental prerequisites for public health, social stability but are also paramount for business sustainability and profitability.

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Hygienic Drainage for Food Processing & Commercial Kitchen Applications

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Drainage and waste management for the Commercial Kitchen

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Drainage management for the Food Processing Industry

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Do you know about hidden threats in Commercial Kitchens?

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Do you know about hidden threats existing in food processing facilities?

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Hygiene First Philosophy literature

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Hygiene First philosophy

ACO addresses the hygienic performance of floor drains and applies the design principles reserved for food contact equipment on them to deliver fully hygienic solutions. Our complete portfolio allows us to safely control water as it passes along the system to ensure it can be ecologically and economically reused in a viable way.

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Food Safety animation

ACO employs extensive research and product innovation to stay at the cutting edge of drainage design and deliver "the future of drainage". Our aim is to understand how drainage acts in different environments so we minimize potential threats and op...

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Hygienic design - ACO hygienic tray channel

ACO is the global leader in drainage solutions. We are committed to addressing future needs and to raising industry standards. In the food sector, ACO addresses the changes in food consumption preferences and the increasing importance placed on hygiene and hygienic design.

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Hygienic design principles

Our solutions tackle two of the food industry's biggest concerns: reducing the risk of food contamination and optimizing cleaning costs. We incorporate hygienic design principles that are normally reserved for food contact equipment because we bel...

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