Commercial Kitchens

All commercial kitchens are hazardous working environments - they are extremely busy with the potential for wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of fluids in both cooking and cleaning - and they are hot! This combination of factors can affect both food hygiene as well as occupational health and safety. Efficient drainage is a fundamental requirement: operationally it helps prevent accidents and hygienically, it optimises food safety while helping to ensure the requirements of  European Law - EC 852 the hygiene of foodstuffs - are met.

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Commercial Kitchens are divided into the following areas:

  • Storage & Preparation Area

    Food storage areas will require occasional cleaning as part of a planned program and in case of spillage. In many cases the floor drain only needs to deal with low flow rates.

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  • Production Area

    The busy heart of the kitchen where there is the highest potential for  slips and falls, requires the strategic positioning of floor drainage to aid in the removal of water that is being used in...

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  • Washing Area

    Where washing operations involve the removal of residual food, racking, pre-soaking, rinsing and washing stages, care must be taken to reduce the build-up of fats oils and grease in drainage plumbing...

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