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The Project

Founded by Belinda and Terry Williams, Yorkshire Provender provides a comprehensive range of high quality soups which is based on their belief that “There is a clear comparison between wine and soup making because you’re preserving the integrity, texture, colour and flavour of what’s there at the beginning.” To this day, the idea behind all Yorkshire Provender soups is simple: take the best of fresh seasonal British produce and marry ingredients together in a creative way to produce a consistently superior, imaginative and delicious soup.

The Brief

To copy with increasing demand for its products, the Yorkshire Provender commissioned the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Leeming Bar, Yorkshire. ACO Building Drainage was approached to provide a hygienic drainage solution by contractors, The Lindum Group.

The Solution

ACO Building Drainage provided bespoke ACO AS301 box channel drainage and gullies. Manufactured to high extremely high standards and fully pickle passivated as standard to minimise maintenance and optimise product life, the ACO products were hygienically designed in accordance with the best practice recommendations of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).


"We have worked with ACO Building Drainage on numerous projects and are consistently impressed with the design and quality of their product range, and their technical expertise. They were also able to come up with a solution which could be delivered on time and within the client’s budget."

- Alistair Clapham of contractors,The Lindum Group

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