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Brushing up on BIM


BIM stands for Building Information Modelling.  Although it doesn't come into force until 2016 everyone's talking about it. 

It's expected to have a huge impact when it comes to reducing capital costs and carbon emissions in the construction sector, but are you fully aware of what it will involve and its implications for the supply chain?  We've put together these fast facts to help you brush up on BIM:


  • BIM becomes mandatory on all public sector contracts from 2016, so local authorities will play a key role in its implementation.


  •  It is essentially a project management tool that takes Computer Aided Design (CAD) to the next level, using software to create a virtual, multi-dimensional model of a building and its component parts.


  • As well as including the building's geometry, models created through the use of BIM will also explore spatial relationships, geographic information and the quantities and properties of components, including specification details and performance data.


  • BIM extends far beyond building design and can also be used to show performance and maintenance information throughout the lifecycle of properties, meaning it will play a key role in facilities management.


  • In terms of what BIM means for the supply chain, all those involved with a project will have access to the same data.  This more unified approach should help to minimise errors during the design and construction process, resulting in higher quality, more efficient and lower cost buildings.


Here at ACO Building Drainage, preparations are already underway for the introduction of BIM.  We're currently testing the first of our product portfolios in Autodesk Revit software, with the aim of building up a virtual library of all our solutions.  The introduction of BIM will undoubtedly bring challenges for the industry, but we believe it is a step in the right direction towards better quality buildings.

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